How Do Sellers Get Paid

Find out how does the payment process work for the Sellers

Once a Buyer makes payment, the money goes into RivalGamer’s bank account (depending on the payment choice: PayPal, Stripe, etc.), and the system creates a transaction.

Buyer and Seller are given access to a private transaction page where they can communicate details of the order.

Once the Seller delivers the job, and marks the transaction as “delivered”, the Buyer is given several days to either accept the delivery, request a modification, or even request mutual cancellation of the order (if a Buyer fails to respond in the given time period, the system would auto-accept the transaction).

Once a Buyer accepts the order (marks it as “accepted”), the transaction goes into the clearing period. The clearing period is a security measure to protect RivalGamer/owner from chargebacks. As soon as the clearing period is over, the money is deposited into Seller’s account in a form of a credit balance.

Seller is then able to request the withdrawal of those funds based on the accepted withdrawal options. Depending on the payment method and bank processing, it can take several days for the Seller to receive funds in their account.

Minimum amount to withdraw is $50.

In case a Seller closes their account or we ban or close a Seller’s account, we will pay the Seller all the dues. In this case there is no minimum withdrawal limit and the Seller is paid whatever is due.

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